Oil and Gas Consulting

Imtex House consulting services is a small but specialist outfit that focuses on the Oil and Gas industry and provides in-depth project development and leadership services in the energy sector.

Imtex House strives to provide world class products and services by teaming up with leading global providers of equipment, fabrication companies, EPC companies, engineering companies, marketing companies and service providers and support the business community in all disciplines especially Oil, Gas, Power, Coal and Renewable Energies in India and abroad.

We partner, advice, consult and assist our clients in:

  • Identifying business opportunities in line with our principals, business partners and strategic associates’ resources and capabilities
  • Provide market intelligence to our principals, business partners and strategic associations in accordance with their specific business interests and needs
  • Coordinating preparation of bid and contract documents
  • Undertake feasibility studies, and project risk assessments
  • Selecting and engaging the right contracting team model
  • Optimizing the business parameters of the project concept design
  • Providing expert commissioning program development, program management, and complete plant start up services
  • Providing construction management services including packaging, scheduling and monitoring construction activities
  • Facilitating project start-ups
  • Coordinating government submissions and approvals
  • Coordinating the design development on behalf of the client
  • Developing project strategy
  • Choosing the optimum project delivery system and contract
  • Providing all the resources necessary to successfully commission, manage, operate, maintain, and administer the business and technical operation of the facility
  • Providing contract administration services

We work alongside our partners in the Oil and Gas sector, at all levels of the organization, to advise on the risks and opportunities inherent in their business and to implement solutions that produce sustained and lasting results for our business partners.