Content Management

Imtex combines its expertise and domain knowledge in engineering with its IT capabilities to provide technology-driven businesses with a range of services such as data and content management, graphic solutions, web development for technical content, engineering and scientific application development, software testing, etc.

Our Technical Content Management and Web Development services include :

  • Product Catalogue Management services – Design and maintenance of online product catalogue for the client's products and services, with the ability to allow online users to quickly search and find relevant products and options. Our services involve data collection from paper-based catalogues and legacy databases, and converting them into electronic data for an efficient online product catalogue.
  • Website/Portal Development and Maintenance – We cover the entire lifecycle of web initiatives from concept development to web application development, web design and re-design, web content management, website maintenance and support. Technologies used include:
    1. XHTML / HTML 5 / CSS 3 development
    2. Responsive Web Development for Mobile and Tablets
    3. PHP, ASP, JavaScript, and Flash.
  • We offer expert services that cover keyword mapping and tagging online information available in various forms like images, documents, videos, etc.